Month: May 2016

52 stories – week twenty eight – The limbo, hop, jump obstacle course


Better late than never with this weeks instalment of my story telling adventure.

The limbo, hop, jump obstacle course


My ‘test’ if you will, to knowing if I’ve succeeded in my quest to capture the story, will be that if I can just quote the journaling I’ve used on the page and not need/want to add anything here in the post to explain it further, then I have done it, I’ve got all the bits of the story down.

Here is the story of this page –

One afternoon in 2015… Me “We could build and obstacle course.” Her with a tone of disbelief “No we couldn’t.” Well I did. I used every ounce of my brain to come up with ideas of what to use. Gav joined us then Buddy joined in too and we had such FUN. She used her mobile phone to time us. Gav got an injury but was still in the lead. I really have trouble balancing on bricks… After our three runs Gav came out in the lead and she wanted just one more go to see if she could beat him. And she did by a fraction. I love that we know how to have fun and surprise her now and then.

The takeaway from story number twenty eight/would I add anything more?

I actually drafted out all the journalling in pencil on this page before I added the title. I needed to make sure I had enough room for the story. I am learning at last! Love the story and the overall page. So no I wouldn’t add anything to this one.


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.

The click tick List – Photograph 100 gardens – Painswick Rococo Garden


We have a long weekend here in the UK. Gav and I will not be venturing on a visit to any gardens as we are too busy with our own but I thought it would be good to carry on the sharing of gardens we have visited that also count towards my goal of photographing 100 gardens from this book.

Painswick Rococo Garden

We visited this garden in March 2015 so were too early to enjoy the extensive kitchen garden but there was still lots of interesting things to see.


Architecture plays a huge part in this place as there are at least four little buildings tucked around. All original structures from when the garden was made in the 1740 they are beautifully built and decorated.


The pond is perfectly placed so it reflects the garden and makes all the buildings seem more impressive. That white structure which is referred to as an colonnade exedra was designed for people to talk and mingle and it is both strange and striking.


There is also a sense of humour here with these giant conkers.


And lovely carvings.



And we even got to take the Buddles in with us.


Overall a joy to wander around and of course to cross off the list .


A note about the gardens we’ve visited and the click tick list.

Over the last twenty years Gav and I have been to visit many a garden. I am blogging about these visits rather too slowly but hopefully I’ll get there and have a catalogue of them all for reference and to share their beauty.

Since I drew up the click tick list we have concentrated on visiting gardens that appear in the book but there are plenty of gardens that are worth a visit that don’t appear within those pages. In this post I share where we have been (up to Feb 2014) and mention a few of the gardens not in the book.

Week In The Life™ – review part two


Okay more of the Week In The Life™ photos. Here are some shots from Friday to Sunday.


I’ve been taking more self portraits recently. Partly because I always do for this project but also because we were encouraged to do so in the class I took recently Storytelling with Project Life® from Ali Edwards. I have been thinking about doing a regular self portrait post but not sure I can commit to putting myself in front of the lens more than I do already… we’ll see.

Anyway back to the photos.

Guess he didn’t like the blanket. Also love that random sock sat on the radiator!


Love me the shadows we make.


French toast for breakfast.



She caught us two concentrating on making arrows….


And here she is with the completed bow and arrow.



A little more danger before I took her home.


Someone thinks that sticks are made for chewing…


Good to know he loves us.



Although clearly he loves a stick more.


Got to document my ongoing love affair with my dressing gown!


And that was that.

Back to share the album in the next few weeks.

Photo a Day – week ten


Love me a Hosta.




Anyone got some porridge?


A little lunch outside.


Rain spattered yes, but a last sun drenched hoorah for this frilly Tulip.


Antipasto kebabs? Yum. (Got the idea here.)


A macro shot of a clematis flower.


And another week flies by.

Week In The Life™ – review part one


Hello and welcome to a little review of some of my photos from the recent  Week In The Life™  project.

I didn’t share my photos in the week itself because I was a tad stressed at work (a colleague had an accident, she’s on the mend thank goodness, and will be on long-term sick. I foolishly/kindly said I would cover some of her work, which was a challenge as I didn’t have a clue how to do it.)

So I thought I’d just share them as a recap.

Here is Monday to Thursday.


Over the Monday and Tuesday I only took about 20 photos. Like I say stressed!




Some of the photos I took are to document little things, well this whole project does that doesn’t it? This picture of things hanging from our open wardrobe doors is a little thing but something to remember. We are very bad at not putting clothes away and leaving these doors open. Just wanted that odd fact captured.



Rain on the new greenhouse. I love that brand new experience. And I am so looking forward to spending time in there come rain or shine.


Here a large collection of Emma.


Took this girl to a new Pizza place. You order the pizza by the half metre!



I never have a hot drink with a sandwich so documenting the fact that today I did. And I’m sat at my colleagues desk – that’s her little note book. I wanted to capture that I’m sat somewhere different at work right now.


Good old games night for Gav and his BFF, they connect online and play the same games……..yawn!


There we go.

I think that I’m going to make an 8 x 8 album this time round with a double page spread for each day rather than a pocket page style. I made that sized album for the first Week In The Life™ I took part in and looking back I think it is my favourite. It was way back in 2010 and is bitter sweet because it was only a few weeks before we lost our other little pooch. Like I say bitter sweet but I am so glad I have the large amount of pictures from that time to remember him by.  I’ll take some photos of the album and share here.

Here is a link to my 2012 finished album. I never got round to posting the 2015 album…… maybe one day.

I’ll be back with Friday to Sunday.

Bloom 2016 and the long awaited greenhouse


This post has been a long time coming. I began to think about the flowers I wanted to grow this year in January and Gav and I placed our seed order way back then. But all plans have been mightily delayed because of the greenhouse situation. As in we didn’t have one…..

Gav has been building a replacement greenhouse for what seems like years.


I think it has been almost two years but who’s counting.

He had to dismantle the old greenhouse back in March so he could re-use the glass in the new one. So we were without a greenhouse to get our seeds started. We used window ledges and makeshift tables to get little seedlings as close to the light as we could in the last few weeks. Here is a little Ammi majus leaf.


But as of last Monday the new greenhouse is done to the point that it’s waterproof and all the windows are in. Plans of what I’m going to grow will be modified because I’ve just not sown lots of things I should have done by now but I’m rolling with it because I have a brand new greenhouse!


The staging inside is not done yet but like I say we are making do.


And the outside landscaping isn’t done yet but….you get the idea. We have a shelter for tender plants and right now that is just fine.

I hope there will be Cosmos and Zinnia and Sunflowers and Salvia and all manner of flower goodness in the coming months.


Here’s to a good growing season and the odd bunch of flowers.

52 Stories – week 27 – Chipotle


Another week, another story. This page is all about our adventures last year in the US and back at home with a certain Mexican restaurant.



The test to see if I have the whole story down on the layout is that if I have more explaining to do here on the blog then I haven’t told the complete story. Let’s see….

I’d done the research and planned to go and eat in Chipotle in Pasadena. That first full day after we got to the hotel we decided we were too tired to do the bowling but not for a trip to the nearby Chipotle. We sat outside where a teeny seating area had been roped off in amongst the retail park it was a little chilly and windy but it was perfect. Our second visit was in Flagstaff. It took some finding (read tetchy st.) and when we found it it was full of students! We sat at the high tables and I had a Sol. Our third was a bed picnic in San Fran, we’d sorted our ordering out by then. And of course when we got home we re-created the experience for us and H. Yep, it was good although we need to practice that foil wrapping…..

The takeaways from story number twenty seven/would I add anything more?

Overall I’m happy with this story. It gets across our love of Chipotle right? And although I haven’t included many feelings here I have told the story as it happened. I think I was running out of room again on the journalling. Another reminder to tell the story first and then embellish.

Still having fun with this project and looking forward to the second half of my story telling year.


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.

Photo a Day – week nine


This week I played along with Ali’s Week In The Life . I have a lot of photos from this week but here are the seven that

What can I say? That pooch is the most adorable.


Blossom and green.


I took more timed shots this week than I have in years. It’s good to get in the photos. Here is the real life we live in. Cluttered, messy, small but loved.


More blossom. Well it doesn’t last long so we must celebrate it.


The first English asparagus of the season.


My niece came for a sleepover and we were going to watch Frozen on the Netflix, but it wasn’t on anymore so we played dominoes instead. I love Frozen but love games too.


This one, well. My older niece has got my younger niece hooked on Once Upon a Time (a fairy tale based tv show) and ever since the younger one has been watching it she has been asking to make a bow and arrow! Danger girl! Gav is always happy to make stuff so this is them returning from foraging for a suitable branch to make it from.

She is still attached to her phone in this shot. I like the juxtaposition of ancient and modern technology. Also the making of this equipment came along with several safety talks about lethal weapons!


I’m undecided about whether I’ll put these photos in a designated album for the Week In The Life project. But I will ba back to share more photos from this week.

Read 2016 – Have his Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers


Yes I know another Wimsey. But this was so good I really enjoyed it. We meet up with Harriet Vane once more in this story, in fact she is the one who finds the body! Of course Peter hot foots it to the scene of the crime and together they set about solving a very well thought our and cleverly written mystery.

As before I would recommend if you like that sort of detective tale.

52 Stories – week twenty six


Wow, halfway through this adventure in story telling. Where did six months go?

Let’s see if I got all the story down on this page eh?

How did I get here?


Here is the story from this page –

It started after Gav went to see them play and thought I’d like their music. Folky was his description. 30 August 2012. Then R put them on our USA playlist and I did find I sang along. Sept 2012. The following year R, Gav and I went to see two of the band members at the Brudenell. I didn’t know what to expect but LOVED it. 26 March 2013. And the No.1 fan nickname was born. Roscoe all the way. It was just sheer luck in Feb that I searched and found that they were playing Halifax Minster in July. H, R, Gav and I went along and it was THE BEST FUN. It was truly wonderful music in that amazing building. 11 July 2014. (Oh yeah and I’m not the No. 1 fan…. that crazy lady in row one is….)

The takeaway from story number twenty six/would I add anything more?

Just writing out all that story again makes me smile. I have written about the experience of the gig at the Minster previously it does differ slightly from my version here, mainly it goes into more detail, so perhaps I have failed in my story telling on this layout. But I get the chronology correct on this page because I took the time to search for the dates in photo archives and project life pages. I may well combine the two parts of the tale by adding another layout and of course I didn’t actually explain who that was in the picture or my bravery at going any getting the photo op! (Or was that R’s bravery….. I forget, HA!)

Part of why I don’t mind missing some of the story on this occasion is the design I used for this layout. I made a similar page ages ago, as part of another scrapbook series, that used the short paragraphs dotted about the page design. I remember loving that look and the way it told the story in chunks so I used it here. I added arrows on both pages to direct the readers attention to the next part of the tale. That design makes me very happy.

Overall a win for this week then.


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.