52 Stories – week twenty four


Here we go again with another story.

I have been taking a class from Ali Edwards all about photography and using photos to tell our stories. It’s called Lens of Joy. Perfect name, right? In this final week of class she has been talking about how photos have layers. The literal story of what the picture shows and then many others stories that you could tell using that photo. This is usually a struggle for me so I’m pleased to have the message drilled home!

I made this page last week before the content for the class but clearly her whole ethos was in my head because this story is not totally a literal one and I love this page so.

The Heart of the girl


Here is the story from this page –

I asked and she delivered. H had made me a loom band bracelet before but it snapped. So I asked her to make me 3 using the colours form the original. It was only a couple of days later when she gave me these. Bless her heart. She is so kind and thoughtful. Always be that, my darling girl, always be that.

The takeaway from story number four/Would I add anything more?

Nope, I wouldn’t add anything more to this one. Love it like I said. It is a perfect example of pushing my story telling skills and I want to keep doing that. Yes, I still need to practice drafting out my journalling to make sure I get all the story down but I also want to capture the less literal side of the tale too. Very happy with this one and I am looking forward to using the class material to tell more.

It was a great class.


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.