52 Stories – week twenty three – Pizza Za


We are back on track for my adventures in story with another tale from our trip to the US. It’s almost a year since those adventures and I still have so many stories to tell about those three weeks…..

Pizza Za


My ‘test’ if you will, to knowing if I’ve succeeded in my quest to capture the story, will be that if I can just quote the journaling I’ve used on the page and not need/want to add anything here in the post to explain it further, then I have done it, I’ve got all the bits of the story down.

Here is the story from this page –

We are creatures of habit and if we go to San Fran, we go to Pizza Za. The journey up the hills is all part of the FUN. Waiting to squeeze onto the cable car, riding past so we can catch another look at Lombard Street then walking back to enjoy a delish pizza in the teeny buzzing eatery. We shared a large one. The its time for the best ride ever down the hills with the wind in our hair.

The takeaway from story number twenty three/Would I add anything more?

I think that this process, a little growth from me plus a couple of courses I have taken recently, Storytelling with December Daily and Storytelling with Project Life from Ali Edwards (they are not running currently) have made me look at stories or look for stories in a different way. Certainly the idea of using not just the obvious photos to tell the story is sticking with me just a little.

I could have just written about the pizza place and how we love it but when I started to think about the story I wanted to tell the journey of how we get there came out too and I remembered I had the picture of the outside that I’d taken as we rode by on the cable car.Adding that photo to the page completes and rounds it out.

Although I did run out of room at the bottom of the page I am happy with this little story and I do think I got my point across about our love of this place.


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.

2 thoughts on “52 Stories – week twenty three – Pizza Za”

  • I like your pizza lettering. Ah to travel & sample our favourite foods far from home. Your San Francisco recaps makes me think I really missed a lot when we were there.

  • Thanks. And about missing things, I always feel like that but I think it’s one of those things about travel and you just can’t see everything.

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