Photo a Day – week four and five


Here are a few more.

All that material is coming together to make a triangle quilt. And yes I am stood, amongst the mess, on my dining room table.


I have a little drawing project in mind so bought a new pad and pen.


Took my niece out for dinner. Gav and I sampled the non-alcoholic beers. Quite nice.


A very strange snacking bowl at work.


Clematis buds.


The growing season is upon us but it’s slow around here because we don’t have a weatherproof greenhouse right now. I resorted to putting a few seeds on the windowsill in my craft room. Not ideal at all but better that nothing.


He is claiming his pots.


And week five.

I took a turn with some painting duties.


I’m transfixed with the pots of Daffodils and Tulips we have on the patio. These are Apricot Beauty.


Progress. I have sewn half of the triangles together and wanted to lay it all out to judge the size.


And some progress on the greenhouse front too. It’s getting there… I feel like I say that every day without it ever being finished.


It didn’t translate in the camera but that patch of lighter sky was just glowing.


Breakfast with my BFF.


Gathered a few flowers.


Okay we are up to date.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week four and five”

  • I see a heart in your cloud glowing photo – very cool. Your quilt looks quite amazing. Oh I like the start I am seeing in your bunches of flowers to arrange. I walked around the garden today & I see only 3 daffodil buds – that ice storm we had a few weeks back really killed any chance of spring bulb flowers – I am SO sad about this.

    Mr Bud is looking quite handsome & proud.

  • Oh no spring flowers that’s a shame. We have just had three glorious sunny days but today while walking Buddy the wind has made a shift and is coming from the north again, brr.

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