52 stories – week twenty one and twenty two


Another two stories to catch me up.

Lets see if I managed to get all the parts of the story I wanted to tell down on the pages.

Drive Through

52 stories three2

Here is the story from this page –

We have seen one before but are still amazed at these little machines. Only in the US right? Gav has the process all worked out now and obtained his dollars with no problems. Next stop Joann, well we have the cash now!


The takeaway from the page/would I add anything more?

Pretty much happy with this one. Again, as I have said several times in these storytelling posts, this is one of those little stories that we probably wouldn’t forget but is goo to get down on paper just in case. It was funny to us at the time (I don’t think we will ever get over drive through ATM’s!) and I wanted to record that.

And next we have – Drinks and snacks back in the car


The story on this page –

It’s fair to say that we spent a lot of time in our hire car on this holiday and it’s fair to say we had plenty of snacks in out hire car as we travelled along. Here we have a blue ‘slurpee,’ that I was very pleased about getting for Gav, and an iced Starbucks vanilla coffee, a staple of crispy M & M’s, a Coke Zero and a half-hearted attempt to be healthy a liquorice and mint tea (I brought the bag from home.) Oh yes we like a snack.


The takeaway from this page/would I add anything more

I love the photos on this layout and I am pleased with how this page came together and like the story I told. It covers everything I wanted to say except for perhaps one other little thing. For some reason when I saw the slurpee machine I thought of the Big Bang Theory (the TV show). We love that show and I am sure that Sheldon once bought a blue splurpee and so I wanted to get Gav one to see if he got the reference too. I think he did. So apart from that little addition I like this page and I was daring with my red journalling!


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.

2 thoughts on “52 stories – week twenty one and twenty two”

  • On your first layout, I laughed because we also have ATM drive through & in our area we get lots of the Mennonite & Amish horse & buggies going through them. I really must capture that. Also on your layout I like the little die cuts of shapes, goes with the idea of buttons on the ATM.

    Your second layout – nice capture of travels 🙂

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