Photo a Day – week one, two and three


As the start of another Photo a Day rolled round I began to think about why I still do it and how I can make this year unique.

I first time I documented our life in this way was back in 2007. That was before this blog and before my DSLR camera. I enjoyed the project and love having those images to look back on. This will be my fourth year sharing here on the blog and I wanted to try something different. Last year I tried to remember to let Gav take the photos somedays and also tried themed weeks, although as I said the other week neither of these worked out quite as planned.

I read a great blog where she doesn’t share a photo a day but photos from her week. I love her images and her quirky personality and she lives near San Fran, reason enough for me to stalk follow her blog.

Another idea I pondered was joining in on this websites challenges. They give you a list of photo prompts for each month. Truth be told I look at those lists and then navigate away from the site because the idea of having, not only to take a picture a day, but to also fit it within a specific subject terrifies me. I can just imagine running around wild-eyed at 10pm looking for something, anything that would fit a prompt. I joke but I can see that happening and although you can switch prompts around to suit your days I still don’t think I am ready for the challenge. I may use some prompts on those weekend days where there is more time because I really love the idea and the website and all the effort they put into making 365 day photography fun.

Okay I’ll still yammering on and share the photos…..

On our trip away.


Loved the beautiful architecture in the village.


Cheese on toasted olive bread. Mmmm…


So this happened.


And this came all the way from Canada from the amazing Kal. She did a pop up script shop where you sent a phrase you wanted her to write in script art. I LOVE it and that I finally have a Kal Barteski original. I have followed her blog for sooo long.


The day the patio doors stayed open of more than five seconds. He was enjoying his spot in the sun.


I took the 100mm lens and a tripod (I know where will it end?) outside at twilight to get this photo. It’s not perfect but the best image of the moon I have captured. I edited it to make the sky darker and zoomed in a little in photoshop.


This is one of the Hydrangea blooms that was left over from the wreath. It has sat on the window sill in my craft room mellowing with age. I set the 100mm lens on macro to get this.


It is many years since I’ve had tomato soup. It was good.


Had an Easter  delivery at work!


A walking foot! Oh I am so excited about the prospect of quilt making.


And as proof here is the material I bought in Jo-ann’s last year. I’m going to make Buddy a new throw. How cute is that material?


Ready for a family Easter gathering.


Tis the season…. bad photo so I’ll clarify. It’s a female blackbird clearing out the garage gutters for nesting material.


Last little snowdrop.


An in progress copy of this Jasper Johns. I used a potato and a star cookie cutter to make the star stamp!


Breakfast at my Mums.


An early morning walk for coffee.


See I told you I was excited about quilting!


Love robins.


Okay so that was the first three weeks. Back next week with some more.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week one, two and three”

  • Wonderful capture of all the weeks. OH NO – someone broke into your car – that is just nasty. I hope that they were not able to steal anything from the car. In our little village there have been a rash of nighttime car contents stealing. The funny part is that up until yesterday we had snow, so their foot prints could be tracked. Yes laughter over housework any day!

  • Very strangely they stole the bulbs from the headlights……. It’s a hybrid car and although they were more expensive that your run of the mill lights it wasn’t like they were expensive enough to risk getting caught stealing them! Crazy!

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