A whirlwind 22 hours


Strange title but it hits the nail on the head.

Gav and I are very lucky to have a great relationship with my younger niece. She loves to come and visit and we love her to. She is on her Easter holidays and came for a sleepover last Sunday night.

Here’s what we go up to in those 22 hours –

  • Trip to Hobbycraft to buy stretched canvases
  • Made pizza sauce and ate homemade pizza
  • Watched The Martian (excellent film btw)
  • Made Minion cupcakes
  • Read books
  • Made scrambled eggs
  • Ate grapes
  • Ate Dragon fruit (we have a goal to try new fruit)
  • Copied a Mondrian painting
  • Found frog spawn in the flooded part of the wood
  • Saw a heron
  • Moved logs
  • Took photos
  • Ate soup
  • Got really muddy
  • Had lots of fun!









Really love having ordinary adventures with that girl and we love her so.

2 thoughts on “A whirlwind 22 hours”

  • Now technology is just messing with me – this particular post did not show up for me until today – ooooohhhhhh,.

    You are certainly blessed to have such a special bond. Your niece is very lucky to have such a circle of love. She will certainly need that soft place to fall as she gets older & moves into teen years. (yikes). There are a few of my friends that have shared their little ones so willingly with me – 3 couples have actually gifted me with being a Godparent. It is nice when you do not have little ones of your own. What a fun weekend for all of you.

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