52 Stories – week seventeen and eighteen


Playing a little catch-up. Here are weeks seventeen and eighteen.

First up – A Rare Braid


My ‘test’ if you will, to knowing if I’ve succeeded in my quest to capture the story, will be that if I can just quote the journaling I’ve used on the page and not need/want to add anything here in the post to explain it further, then I have done it, I’ve got all the bits of the story down.

Here is to story on this page –

Why I hear you cry rare? Well she doesn’t like brushing her hair. Or having it brushed by someone else. It is a battle and I’m glad I don’t have to do it on a regular basis. She’ll come round and then it will be all about how neat and wonderful her hair looks. But for now I have to plead her to let me style it. I watch those You Tube videos from ‘cute girls’ and always want to try out the new style. This one is a fancy twisted bun. It’s at times like these I want my long hair back.

My takeaway from this story/would I add anything more?

I think that this little story tells all that I wanted to say. As with previous weeks in the story telling adventure I have told a small story, one that might get forgotten – that my niece hates brushing her hair right now. So I’m please with it. I also like that I added some detail about me watching the videos on you tube and that I often want my long hair back, although in reality I don’t because I know I wouldn’t style it every day!

So overall on this one job done!

And now the second story for this week – Where in the World?


Here is the story on this page –

You look up and you know. You just know where you are. SF. San Fran. San Francisco. I left part of my heart there. Those wooden buildings and overhead wires scream out the location. Oh! we’ll be back to gaze once more at the beautiful and iconic sights and the fog and the baseball. To ride those cable cars again and eat pizza at Za. Oh yes we’ll be back SF we will.

The takeaway from this page/Would I add anything more?

This is one of those photos that just get taken and sometimes get forgotten because you look at it when the holiday is over and wonder why on earth you snapped it. But this one conveyed all the feelings when I looked at it back home. Yes, it is an odd photo (all the more perfect for this story!) The words I have written on this page covey exactly what I feel when I look at the picture. It is a love story. And I am so glad that I remember to tell the stories that are feelings. If we scrap just facts then our overall story will be missing a huge chunk of detail.

Nothing to add here then, yay!


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.