The click tick list – visit Sutton Hoo


When I made my list a few years ago this place must have been in my mind. It’s funny how our brains work isn’t it!

I remember seeing the very famous helmet in the British Museum. I also remember wondering why they had taken the treasure away from the site and yet at the same time thinking I’d never get to see the place, where one of the most significant Anglo-Saxon discoveries was made, because it was such a long way away.

However, I still put this down on my list. I thought it was worth a visit.

When Gav and I were thinking about places to go for our recent week off work I suggested Suffolk. Somewhere neither of us had been, we could stay by the coast and I could at last visit Sutton Hoo.

And I did.


In 1939 the fourteen burial mounds were excavated. They found many a robbed out trench but they also found the imprint of a 27 metre long ship and at it centre a burial chamber full of treasure dating to AD early 600 and including the famous helmet, a huge gold brooch and exquisite craftsmanship on everything that was found.

The site is now managed by National Trust and the burial mounds are a short walk through a wooded area from the visitor centre.


There isn’t much to see as they quite literally are mounds of earth but I still enjoyed my wander around this historic place and the museum that is also on site.


I learnt a few things and of course got to cross something of the list!