Photo a Day – week fifty one and fifty two


So here we are at the end of another fifty two weeks worth of photos. I’ve just looked back to week one and I had high hopes of getting Gav to take some shots and having themed weeks etc. It didn’t quite work out, although I did have a couple of themed weeks and Gav has taken a few, but we always have next year! Anyway here are the last lot of photos for 2015/16. (I think somewhere I must have missed a week because week fifty two only has three shots….hey ho!)

Trying on shades with this girl who’ll be as tall as me soon, although that isn’t much of a challenge.


Had to document the dismantling of the old greenhouse. There it is in a big old pile.


Love my new little terracotta pots (and the light, always the light.) Now for something to put in them.


Some of the hardware from the old greenhouse. They look like birds heads.


Blurry, yes but so be it. We took H to see Swan Lake. We enjoyed it, not so sure about her.


After many years wearing that red waterproof we went and bought me a new one. They let pooches in this shop not that he seems to be embracing the retail therapy….


Coming home from work. Nothing I like better than a shot of my feet, why? I guess it’s a way of saying I’m here, this is me walking through life with cute boots on my feet!


One of these days I am going to finish a blog post I started months ago about my experience so far with the macro lens. It’s a complicated business so for now I’ll just share these water drops on an Aquilegia leaf.


Packing for a little trip and someone clearly doesn’t want to get left behind.


And the last shot of the year. Gav and Bud and a sculpture we found in a village called Snape. They were sited in a very interesting complex of shops called Snape Maltings. Lots on interesting things to see in the converted brewing buildings including an antique shop that had so much ‘stuff’ my head was spinning. And if I’d have had a spare £600 an original London underground sign would have been coming home with me. But alas I didn’t.


I may take a couple of weeks break from Photo a Day but will be back soon…. technology willing with other posts from our trip.