Photo a Day – week forty nine


This week I was looking down.

I saw three pairs of shoes, the boots are my nieces, and some paws.


I saw the pretty light on the two floor surfaces and liked it.


I saw my messy desk.


I saw a picture filled with little stories. Here the story is the broken fence, the neighbour kids ball, the pots filled with spring bulbs and the worn but loved table. I love the angle of this photo and must remember to take pictures from this spot more often through the seasons.


I saw my first foray in the Starbuck reward card thing.


I saw one of my shells and beach pebbles collections.


I saw homemade Minestrone with chick peas, quinoa and chard.


Something a simple as collection images all with a common theme, looking down in this case, makes the overall story of our days deeper and somehow more real. Off we go into week fifty.