The breakfast love affair continues – Bircher Muesli/overnight oats


I see many, many recipes on Pinterest for overnight oats and I wondered how it compared to Bircher muesli which is one of my favourite breakfasts ever since I made it as part of my click tick list.

As I mentioned in that original post there are lots of variations of Bircher, in fact the one I made was not true to the original which had apples/apple juice, nuts, rolled oats, lemon juice and cream (or condensed milk).

From my research around the internet I find that Overnight oats are almost the same as my version of Bircher except instead of apple juice they use yogurt in the overnight soaking as well as the milk. The ratio of oats to ‘liquid’ is still about twice as much liquid as oats.


For my version I soaked the oats in milk and yogurt overnight and added grated apple (not strictly an ingredient that is added to this version), pecan nuts and maple syrup before serving.


It was good but I just didn’t like it as much as my Bircher. Overnight oats seem to be much firmer and I like a bit of a sloppy muesli. Also there seems to be a need to add allsorts of flavours which is great for variation but when you work out those calories they really mount up and I wonder if the goodness of eating the oats becomes lost in the peanut butter/chocolate spread haze.

Glad I gave it a whirl but I shall stick to my tried and tested version.