First snow of 2016


It happened a couple of weeks ago. My favourite winter thing apart from Christmas. The white stuff came.

It was a Saturday and I’d set off to meet a friend for a pizza. It was trying to snow as we went into the restaurant but I thought the ground was far too wet for it to settle. We were so surprised to emerge a couple of hours later to a blanket of wonderful snow.

I got her safely home and headed back to Leeds, we’d met up in Ilkley which is out into the countryside about 15 miles from where I live. The roads were coated and there was hardly any traffic. I took it very steady and marveled at the scenes I drove through. It was that perfect, perfect snow that clings magically to branches and lights up the sky.

My tyre tracks.


And the view from our bedroom window.


I kept getting out of bed just to stare at it. Yep, I love snow that much. I especially liked how it had stuck to the telephone cables.

The following morning brought a little melting but the trees were still dressed in their coats of snow so I grabbed this photo. It was just beginning to get light but looked so much brighter because of that white cover.


Only the day before I had snapped some sunny shots in the garden. Here are a couple of comparisons.





And that poor old daffodil.


And let’s not forget about someone else who quite likes the snow.


It was the perfect weekend. It snowed on Satruday evening and was gone by Monday morning. Brief but beautiful and I’m so glad it came.