The breakfast love affair continues – cinnamon rolls


I was looking back at some photos of our US trip the other day and found myself longing for a cinnamon roll. I only had a couple while we were over there but they stuck in my memory for all their buttery delicate spiciness.

Cinnamon rolls are not a staple over here in the UK. We have leant towards the French for our breakfast pastry delights like croissant and pain au chocolat. This bun is said to have originated in Sweden and they have them around Christmas time in Denmark. You can get a cinnamon swirl in Starbucks but generally you don’t find them in bakery shops here.

After perusing recipes online and looking through our bread maker recipe book I decided that Chelsea buns was a pretty close match in terms of dough so I loaded up the bread maker and hunted out the jar of ground cinnamon.


As you can see it is an enriched dough that includes an egg. Just look at that pale yellow goodness. Our bread maker takes 2 hours 20 minutes to knead the dough, to the stage below, so this recipe is not something you can really have for breakfast unless setting the alarm for 5am….


I decided to try both cinnamon rolls and Chelsea buns so split my dough in half. Bit of a mistake on my part here as what I should have done is rolled the dough out and just covered half with one filling and half with the other. Doing it my way resulted in mini buns.


And I should have paid closer attention to the corners of the dough and made it a proper rectangle instead of  Melanie haphazard shaped one!

Once the dough is rolled out cover it with melted butter…..

And then the filling of your choice. For the Chelsea buns I used soft brown sugar, raisins, sultanas and mixed peel with mixed spice.


And for the cinnamon, soft brown sugar and ground cinnamon.


Then I rolled it up.


And sliced.


And arranged in a tin. Here they are after another 30 minutes proving in a just warm oven.


They flopped over a bit, I think this was as they were taller than they were wide because I had spilt the dough. Never mind it’s all a learning curve. Baked for 20 minutes.




Double yum.


Conscious of the amount of butter and sugar I had already poured into these beauties I went for a simple icing sugar and water topping. Next time I’ll use lemon juice instead of water to add a little zing.


Cute and I have to say that both versions were delicious.


Looking forward to trying the recipe again… all in the search for a perfect roll of course.