30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Balsamic onions and Brussel sprouts


Recently we were inspired to try a new pizza and I managed to grab my camera, adjust for the kitchen lighting, and grab a photo before we devoured the lot.

I know this looks a tad overdone but they are caramelised onions so did get a little scorched lucky for us it didn’t affect the amazing flavour. I found the recipe here.

And I know what you’re thinking… this combination cannot work but oh my it so does. We tried both with and without tomato sauce and decided both were equally delicious.

Our version used white onions instead of red because that’s what we grow and it used our very own sprouts too, we just sliced ours. I can’t decide why this pizza is so good it must just be that the flavours work great together in fact we liked it so much we tried it again last Sunday. And that leads me to note that you really do need those onions to be good and caramelised because they weren’t quite there on our version two and the flavour didn’t work so well. So char those onions and save me a slice.