The click tick list – Photograph 100 Gardens – Sissinghurst


One great way to cheer yourself up in the winter is to think about the gardening season to come. And I’m doing that but I also thought it would be good to share some of the gardens we have visited over the years.

And let’s not forget that all of the gardens go towards crossing off one of my list items too.

I thought we’d start this foray into gardens with one of the most famous.

Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens


We have visited this amazing garden three times now the last visit was June 2015. We were away camping and late one day we decided to make the hours drive for a visit. The country roads took longer than we had expected which meant that we arrived late and only had about an hour before the garden closed.

As we had Buddy with us, who isn’t allowed in, we took our whistle stop tours alone. Me first, then Gav. So the downside was that we didn’t have much time but as you’ll see from the pictures, the up side was that we were virtually alone! In this garden that is a tricky feat to achieve.


There is something for every aspect and everyone in this beautiful place. Meadows, formal areas, mixed borders, rose gardens, hot gardens and of course the famous white garden.



To see the amazing rose arbor in full bloom you have to visit in June. When we went it was only just coming into bloom. But even without the roses the white garden is a stunner with formal brick paths, box hedging, quirky pots and such a vast array of white plants used so cleverly.


I was interested to see that out of all the photographs Gav and I took, separately remember, we only duplicated one scene actually standing the exact same spot!


You can tell who took which as he’s taller than me so gets a different angle on all those hedge tops but I was lucky enough to get a little of that golden evening light in my shot.



They excel at everything here but one of the clever design features are the vistas that are incorporated into the garden.


And playing with texture. Stone, rustic old brick, a wooden gate and a punch of hot pink.







It is one of my favourites and if you ever get the chance, in June, or at anytime a visit is more than worthwhile.