London calling – 2015 edition


I thought I would cheer myself up from this very gloomy January day with a look back at a few gems from our trip to London last summer with my niece.

A game of patience on the train.


We take her to all the best places….. This is the Thames Barrier. It was interesting to get right down to the river side and look at this important build and they had a lovely park that was made from old canal docks here too.



On the walk from our Docklands hotel to the barrier we crossed a section of the docks by a very tall foot bridge. Here we are ontop of that bridge.


Just calling this one ‘stuff’.


The evening we arrived we headed out to Hammersmith to see a production of Bugsy Malone, complete with child stars. It was a real treat.

Then next day we went to the transport museum and learned about the strength of a tunnel ring, used in the construction of the underground, by building our own.


And then we went to the Science Museum (again, well it is Gav favourite place in London….) this time we tried Morse code.


And shared a slice of lemon cake.


It was good.

The glass bridge is always a perfect spot for a photo op.


After the hunt for this post box we headed back to the hotel and had a picnic in our room for dinner, watched airplanes land and take off from London Airport (our hotel was close to the runway) before the trip for hot chocolate in the bar.

We packed up the following day after another huge breakfast and Gav went to see The Jam (as in the band) exhibition.


While H and I overspent in one of my favourite craft shops.

Then a quick stop at the British Museum.


Where we saw the Sutton Hoo helmet. And the Lewis Chessmen.


We also stopped and listened to a guide talk about one of the oldest exhibits in the museum. A hand axe from about 300,000 years ago. We even got to handle it (not really the time for a photo!) Gav and I were blown away that we were holding something that was worked into a tool and used so many years ago. Not sure H got it but that’s ok.

When we found out that there was a Chipotle close by we just had to pop there for lunch. Veggie Burritos all round please. And we enjoyed sitting outside in the midst of the bustling Leicester Square area.


And then it was home time.


These trips are so much fun and really special, moments and time to treasure indeed. And if we get a few gems in the photo department all the better!


Read all about our trip in 2014 here.

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