Pipe cleaner Christmas tree garland


It’s been a while since I shared a crafty project other than scrapbooking. This garland has been in the making for over a year but I finally finished and hung it.

I have no idea where this notion came from, maybe just that I had lots of green pipe cleaners….. Anyway it’s easy and fun.


Take your pipe cleaner and start to fold into a triangle (tree) shape. Giving the folds a good strong angle helps the overall look of your tree.



I tried to measure the long sides so they were more or less the same length.


To make the tree stump I folded the longer edge over the bottom length of the triangle twice which helps to fix the two loose edges together.


Fold up to form stump shape and then do the same twisting to tuck the final end in place.


Voila, a forest of plush little trees.


Attach to string, I tied each in place as I moved along the length, and hang it up.

Cute and simple and festive!