December Daily® 2015 – thoughts on this years album


I said in my previous post that I’d be back with more thoughts on this album, so here I am. The Storytelling with December Daily® really got me thinking about my journey with December Daily® and I have gained a different perspective on the process and the album itself.

As I contemplated and looked back I discovered that I’ve shared many a pre-December pondering here on the blog and most of them amount to the same ideas over and over. I don’t mind that, in fact I love that I’m consistent! Tradition is one of the joys of this project. Bring it all on I say, the new and the old. The well loved traditions and the exciting firsts.


As part of the class Ali has encouraged us to think about the story we want to live this December. Amazing right? The story we want to live.

She has encouraged us to look back at past albums if we have them and think about the kinds of stories we want to tell. She has encouraged us to look for the story each day. She has encouraged us to make it work for us, nothing is set in stone. Do it every day, do it five times in the month, make the album later; whatever works. She has encouraged us to set an intention for the month and to tell just one story a day.


Out of all the thought, looking back and pondering I have come up with a few notes.

  • I feel like I have had a pretty good overall approach to the albums and tell a variety of stories. (Although not enough writing – see below about this.)
  • I’ve found that although I get the idea of just one story a day I actually love my pages where there is a rundown/overview of events on a particular day.
  • I also adore the little bits of memorabilia tucked into pockets. I like the process of taking them out, opening them up to see what I saved.
  • I still love full page photos and with the pocket page album this year hope to do more of those.
  • Love photos taken from outside looking in.
  • There are not many of them but I love candid photos showing expressions of joy. This is a double edge sword because in order to get those photos I’m not ‘in the moment.’ There has to be a balance here.

I could go on and on because I have so many thoughts whirring around but they are my main takeaways.


Something I did notice as I flipped through all the albums was that I didn’t really stop to read the journaling, I was just looking at the photographs. I was wondering why that was.

Was it because I don’t like my writing? Was it that I’m not comfortable reading my ‘voice’? I also found a few day where I hadn’t written anything. I know in years past, time has been a factor and I have left days simple in order to move forward with the album. But looking back I wanted to know what the story was that day so I need to try a different approach this year. One that both gets the story told and told in a way that I am happy to read back. I will try Ali’s approach to telling stories which is facts and feelings, facts and feelings.

I am excited for the final week of the Storytelling class, excited to write my intentions, charge the camera battery, stock up on photo paper and let December in.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

2 thoughts on “December Daily® 2015 – thoughts on this years album”

  • A very thoughtful / heartfelt recap – you know how much I enjoy your posts anytime, but particularly throughout December – you have a wonderful “voice” for capturing so many bits of your life.

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