Pondering story telling and a new weekly series


For the past few months I have been trying to write a post about my idea of story telling. My evolution in this hobby of memory keeping. But every time I sit down and draft it out the whole writing part gets complicated and out of hand and I go off into too many tangents. But I want to get something down on ‘paper’ because I have evolved and as December approaches and I’ll be doing lots of story telling with December Daily I thought it was as good a time as any.

I thought it would be interesting to set out a potted history of my scrapbooking.

  • Saw products on QVC, bought a few.
  • Found a UK scrapbook magazine.
  • Discovered blogs by scrapbookers.
  • Made a few pages, not much story just photo and pretty stuff.
  • Made minibooks, more layouts.
  • Found Two Peas in a Bucket and process videos and the Paperclipping Roundtable
  • Dabbled more into stories on my pages.
  • Week in the Life, December Daily®, Project Life.

That’s over ten years of history. Wow.

Recently I pulled a few albums off the shelf and looked back at some pages. I had lots without any story just a pretty photograph, often there wasn’t even a date. The horror!

Then I found some that had great stories along with those photos, stories I knew I’d have forgotten about if they hadn’t made it onto a page. That made me really happy and spurred me on to tell more stories, not just scrap the photos.

It is tricky because I often get to the end of a page and can’t fit the story in. Or sometimes I lose the real story in the process. An example of that was a page I made about a walk on the beach my sister, brother in law, niece and I a few years ago. The story I told was all about the walk and my sister taking photos. But when I look back I realised I missed the bigger more interesting story which was that my sister and brother in law had forgotten to bring a coat for my niece.(It was March) I know dreadful parents! We wrapped her up in various fleeces and hats and scarves and that is the story I should have told. Not only the walk on the beach.

Maybe I have to start with the words first so I make sure I get the story I want to tell down on the page?


I’m taking the Storytelling with December Daily® class and I have been really inspired so as well as getting ready for the December project, in the hope of telling more of the stories of our life, I’m going to share 52 stories (and layouts) here on the blog over the next year.

I hope that being accountable right here, where I’ll share the finished page and a word or two about the story it tells, might help me tell the stories I want to. To document those moments I might forget and the ones I know I won’t but have to be told too. To holding up my hand and proudly saying I am a memory keeping story teller!

Here’s to telling more stories.