Bloom 2015 – Pastel pop


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d have to get creative in the flower hunt for arrangements as the season changes and there are less blooms to pick. We have a Hydrangea in a pot that had three lovely pale pink flowers this summer. I decided that those pretty blossoms needed preserving. So I made this bouquet.


This was not in my comfort zone mixing big blousey with delicate dainty but I like it and enjoyed putting the two together.

Along with the Hydrangea I picked Dahlia ‘Thomas A. Edison’, Borage, Ivy buds, Sedum and some Nasturtium foliage. If you saw the flower head of the Dahlia in the photo a day post earlier in the week you can compare what they look like picked early in their flowering cycle compared to if they are left to do their thing. I love the big bloom but recognise that for arranging, sometimes you have to pick the tight flower heads. Either way that Dahlia, as I have said numerous times already, is a winner.

The lovely thing about this vase was that all but the Dahlia still looked good, a week after I arranged them! That’s my kind of value. I took a photo of the Dahlia and to me it has a faded glory about it.


When I finally dismantle the arrangement I’ll tuck those Hydrangea blooms in a vase to enjoy all winter long.

2 thoughts on “Bloom 2015 – Pastel pop”

  • Oh this is SO lovely. I think a favourite. I like the delicate mixed with the strong. Really really a nice arrangement & you have mastered the delicate with blousey.

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