Photo a Day – week thirty one


We’re getting to the tricky part of the year for photography here in the UK. The light is failing and we put our clocks back yesterday so it’s darker earlier. It’s a challenge but I’m keeping going and just need to remember to get out of the office at lunchtimes to grab a shot!

Anyway first this week we have some construction progess…




I moved my early morning routine into the dining room complete with a hot water bottle and blanket. I love to alter my daily habit with the seasons.


All season I’ve been singing the praises of this Dahlia, Thomas A. Edison. This was the first bloom I let open fully while still on the plant, I’ve usually picked them as they are just opening to get a greater vase life. I’m so glad I let this one do its thing. Love it.




When I wandered down the garden on Thursday morning I heard a great deal of buzzing going on. I inspected the Eucalyptus tree that hangs over from next door and I found the reason for the bee activity. See that tiny white flower in the lower right of the photo? They are clever those bees finding every drop of nectar they can to keep them going through the winter.




And there we go.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week thirty one”

  • Oh yes that is a beautiful dahlia – it’s pink, of course it’s perfect (col). I totally agree what shot of Bud isn’t adorable – he’s got that look sewn up. Oh the light is changing SO fast – we don’t move out clocks ahead until Nov1st – thanks George W Bush 🙁

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