Bloom 2015 – biennial update


One thing that I am slowly learning about growing flowers for cutting is that extending the season is very important. I’ve been growing blooms to harvest for quite a few years now but I’m still learning. Something that I have learned is that biennials are my friend.

Most come into flower well ahead of any annuals or perennials I grow so they provide earlier stems to arrange and even the later ones add a touch of beauty to both the garden and the vase so it’s very hard to see why you wouldn’t want to grow a few.

This year I sowed the seeds in early summer. We have two variety of Erysimum , Digitalis ‘alba’, Hesperis, Honesty and Dianthus barbatus.


I’m still planting them but hope to make a bigger impact with more plants than in past years. Also hope that a few have self seeded to help along the bounty.

Lets forget about winter and fast forward to straight spring……

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