Bloom 2015 – Calendula times two


Here are a couple of little arrangements using the last of the Calendula. My crop developed terrible mildew about a month ago and although the flowers are still coming the foliage looks very unattractive.

This first vase is full of herbs. Sage, rosemary, oregano flowers along with some cornflowers.


I’m a real sucker for herbs and I have tried to double their use by including them more in flower arrangements. They don’t smell much when in situ unless you crush the leaves as you wander by but their foliage adds lovely texture to any posey.

And here are those Calendula mixed with Scabious, borage and cornflowers again with just a couple of fennel stems too.


I adore teeny vases. For this one I re-used an easy bake yeast tins. Cuteness! I sanded it a little for the more distressed look.

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