Photo a Day – week thirty


Autumn features again this week as well as the view from my sick bed.

But first a reflection in the bird bath.


And an avocado, Quorn ‘chicken’ and pine nut bagel for lunch. Mmmm……


I got a horrid cold that tunned into a bug of some sort that made me take to my bed on Monday. Managed to snap this messy real life scene and Buddy with his head on the pile of stuff.


The beauty of a Tulip bulb.


The light made the yellowing leaves sunflower gold that morning.


Only a week ago there were no leaves under the swing. Now a carpet.


A leaving do at work but I couldn’t resist a selfie in a toilet mirror!


And that was another week.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week thirty”

  • Hope you are feeling much better. I like how Buddy snuggles in with you. Was that a corner of a colouring page just by the Bud??

  • Yes much better now thanks. And yes I bought a colouring book although I haven’t done much yet. I have always loved colouring and have had a book on the go most of my life but now it’s trendy I feel more able to share!

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