The reading slump


Is it a slump? Or a what? What is it? A readers block…… lol. Yes, I like that one. I’m having a readers block.

Can I blame the summer? Probably. Or the lack of YA fiction on my ‘to be read pile.’ Or the laptop and Youtube and scrapbook process videos. Or Gone Girl?! (didn’t even get halfway through that one before I gave up…..)

All of the above? Yes, all of the above.

I do go through phases sometimes but I don’t remember such a long spell of not reading for years and years. That photo is the one I shared in January and they are all still there waiting to be read except The House of Silk and Gone Girl. One I read and the other one, like I say, I didn’t finish.

Although I have had other distractions I do miss reading so it will be great to get back to it. We have a holiday coming up which is usually an opportunity to read all week long so I’m sure I’ll get back into it then.

And of course we’ll be visiting Bater books so more will be getting added to the pile and I can’t add more until I get rid of a few right?

Do you go through reading slumps?

2 thoughts on “The reading slump”

  • I have gone through one or two fun reading slumps – I say fun reading because nothing was engaging me, no topic seemed worth it. So what I do is re-read books where I love love love the characters, the plot & happy ending. That usually gets me going again. I move around quite a bit in my themes & topics. Right now I am interested in finding out more about Catherine The Great. For some reason, the Universe kept dropping hints & pieces to me to find out more. Earlier in the year it was World War I & the women’s point of view & contribution. I no longer fight those Universe driven suggestions … yes it sounds weird. I say keep adding to the pile, I believe the Universe’s energy will guide your purchases, weird or otherwise 🙂

  • That’s a great idea about re-reading, never crossed my mind although I do like to read happy romances again. Thanks for the suggestion. You’ll have to share your Catherine the Great knowledge on your blog!

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