The Hawkmoth Caterpillar


There are some little critters I like. (Foxes, squirrels, bees.)  And some little critters I do not like. (Spiders, wasps, wats – can’t even bring myself to write the correct word….)

This find falls into the like category although I got out the macro lens and a couple of shots do make me go ugh! So be warned.

I was weeding one of the small veg/flower beds ready for biennials and almost squished this fella.


I looked him up and he’s a Hawkmoth Caterpillar and about 3 inches long. When disturbed they curve their body into a ‘U’ shape to make them look snake-like. I think it works a treat.

Here are his ‘legs’ clinging on to a stem. Can I say cute?


But get ready for the not so cute….




Pretty amazing though.

After a while he went back to position he was in when I found him.


Just clinging on doing caterpillar stuff.


He looks like a stick, no wonder I was about to squash him.

I stepped back a bit so you see the setting better.


I actually found three of them all around this spot in the garden.

Nature just rocks it.

Thanks for letting me share the weird but wonderful stuff in our garden.