The Hawkmoth Caterpillar


There are some little critters I like. (Foxes, squirrels, bees.)  And some little critters I do not like. (Spiders, wasps, wats – can’t even bring myself to write the correct word….)

This find falls into the like category although I got out the macro lens and a couple of shots do make me go ugh! So be warned.

I was weeding one of the small veg/flower beds ready for biennials and almost squished this fella.


I looked him up and he’s a Hawkmoth Caterpillar and about 3 inches long. When disturbed they curve their body into a ‘U’ shape to make them look snake-like. I think it works a treat.

Here are his ‘legs’ clinging on to a stem. Can I say cute?


But get ready for the not so cute….




Pretty amazing though.

After a while he went back to position he was in when I found him.


Just clinging on doing caterpillar stuff.


He looks like a stick, no wonder I was about to squash him.

I stepped back a bit so you see the setting better.


I actually found three of them all around this spot in the garden.

Nature just rocks it.

Thanks for letting me share the weird but wonderful stuff in our garden.

2 thoughts on “The Hawkmoth Caterpillar”

  • Nature definitely rocks it. Great Great Great close up photos!!! You are rocking the macro. No, just can’t bring myself to use the word cute on this critter, nope not at all. But having said that, I am in awe of his masquerade of a snake – he/she nailed that look which almost made me pass by the whole read … glad I didn’t. When this caterpillar turns I hope you are able to witness and photograph.

    • Thanks Mary-Lou. I have since searched for the three of them but could not locate any! Hoping they have just crawled off and not been gobbled up by a hungry bird…..

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