Photo a Day – week twenty three


This week it’s a floral/berry fest. Marco shot of a Verbena bonariensis flower head.


Sorbus or Rowan. These look like yellow berries but the will turn white and grow. This tree has been moved a couple of times and always comes back. The pink blossom in the spring is amazing too.


Dahlia ‘Thomas A. Edison’ from Sarah Raven.


Another Dahlia ‘Karma Choc.’ I think I have taken photos of this quite a few times before…. But I adore it.


Another much photographed plant over the years. But really what’s not to love about a daisy that is purple! This is a lovely Aster unfortunately not sure which variety it is.


Here’s another flower from the great Helianthus ‘Helios flame.’ Its a little worse for wear but I wanted to capture the variation on the colouring.


And finally a pretty sweet pea. This bloom is ‘Frances Kate’ part of the Mother of Pearl mix again from Sarah Raven.


And there we go.