The Post box quest continues…..


Here is a bit of an unusual one.

A few weeks before we went to London with my younger niece I did a little research to see if I could find any unusual post boxes to add to the collection. I found a couple and plotted them on the Google map we were using for the trip.


It’s in Kensington and we wandered along to see it after we’d been to the Science Museum. It’s a Penfolds Victoria box. Apparently replicas of this style of box were made in the 1980’s and although I didn’t spot a replica plate on the base I’m not sure if this one is a replica or an original. Either way though I like the quirky design made by John Penfold that first came into production around 1866.


Acanthus leaves and a bud of the plant decorate the ‘cap’ of the box. I love Acanthus and they do give a very Victorian type of look.

I bought a postcard with the intention of posting it but we didn’t have a stamp!