Week in the Life™ 2015 – Saturday words and photos


Ane here we are at Saturday already. This Saturday was a very unusual and unique one. It was all about a party for a colleagues birthday.

But first…..


I know we shouldn’t let him on the bed but we do.


Waiting for me laid amongst the mess in my craft room. Hmm… I need a tidy up.


Love sweet peas so.


It was the sort of party you took a food contribution.I needed eggs for my dish so off to the shop I went.


Making tartlets.


Preparing the toenails.


The invitation said come dressed in a musical genre. It has been all we have talked about at work for the past three weeks. Hippie was my go to. Not sure I pulled it off but I joined in and love my new to me top.


We drove an hour and a half north into the Yorkshire Dales to the party. This was an amazing view from their patio. The photo just does not translate to the picturesque spot where they live. The weather was kind for some of the day but eventually it rained and rained and a storm lit up the sky with lightning.

I put the camera down as it got dark but I want to remember Gav and I dancing together under an umbrella in the rain. Two colleagues dancing in waterproof jackets. Others getting drenched but still having a fantastic time and dancing, dancing, dancing.

This was possibly the most wonderful, unusual and fun party I have ever attended. They are musical folk and had several bands playing all night long. Live music, those views and spending time with Gav and colleagues (remember my BFF is a colleague too) was something I won’t forget.


Another of my feet. This shot is so that I remember my adorable ankle bracelets and the mud, that you can’t really see but it was there.

A truly great day.


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