Week in the Life 2015 – Wednesday and Thursday words and photos


Welcome. I loved Ali’s approach to her journalling this week so thought I’d try one of her techniques.


Some days I wake at 6.15am. Most days I just lay in bed thinking and usually drifting back to sleep 2 minutes before the 7am alarm. But today I got up early before the alarm. Gav sleeps in after I get up and take Buddy out for a walk.


Most days on a morning we take a 40 minute walk and pass this church. It was early for us today.


Most days I take in my surroundings during this quite time of day. Today I was disappointed to see signs of the end of summer.


Most days I feed Bud in the morning. Everyday he loves his breakfast.


Some days I have coffee before I leave the house. We are still using that old camping kettle. We really should buy a new one.


Most days I drive to work. We have that cover over the back seat as Gav has been walking my sisters and nephews dogs this past two weeks as they are away.

Every day for work I wear that purple blouse as it’s our uniform. I like the purple but not the material! I was really happy to see the sun shine today.


Most days this is my view at work. I like my spot in the corner where I can see all the comings and goings.


Some days my BFF (who also works where I do!) and I go out for a walk together at lunch time. She is leaving soon and I’ll miss her a lot.


Most days I have a salad for lunch. A new one for me today.


Some days, rare days, Gav eats lunch outside.


Some days in the summer I come home to a patchwork of cut up lawn. Gav loves his lawn and it is a constant work in progress.


Everyday he loves a treat and is happy to hand over a paw or two to get one.


Most days we sit here in the evening. And yep that is a cuddly toy on the table his name is Oreo.

And Thursday.


Most days I dislike the scales.


Some days it is so busy at work you forget to think about anything else, like taking photos! But it was someones birthday so two of us went out for cake and I snapped a shot on the way back.


Some days  it is warm enough to potter in the garden when the work day is done. Most days I just wander around and stare.


Most days in the summer I pick flowers. These are the sweet peas that are growing in the wooded area behind our house.



Some days I cook and some days he does. My turn today. I have a big collection of recipes I’ve pulled out of magazines, in the days before food blogs and Pinterest! I still use that file and love my collection of curated recipes.



Most days its pasta.


Some days, too many days we make bad choices and have treats after dinner.

Loving this week and the process of documenting so far.


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