And…… arty


This is a project I’ve wanted to make ever since I pinned it. Usually I am not a gold girl but gold was all the drawing pins they had so gold it was.

My younger niece and I made a similar one a few months ago with her initial. We just did an outline and I though I’d taken a photo of that canvas but couldn’t locate it. Anyway that was my trail run.

The canvas is 8 inches square not too big and not too small. I drew my ampersand in pencil to begin with and as you can see had a couple of attempts till I got it to look about right.


Then I just started filling in the design. I did pay attention to each pin and worked methodically for the most part.


I found that overlapping looked best so the drawing pins are really close together.


The tricky part was pushing the pins into the edges where the wooden frame was behind. The pins tended to stick a little proud but you don’t notice that on the finished canvas.


This was actually quite therapeutic and I love the end result, well worth a couple of hours of anyones time I think.