Week in the Life™ 2015 – Tuesday words and photos


Back to work today which = less photos. But that is ok.

I was thinking about grabbing photos pretty much all day and did take some on self timer at work but unfortunately the app I installed on my phone won’t let me download the images so they are lost. Hey ho. I still have a good selection and decided to write big words on them today. Maybe a bit too big but I am embracing experimentation this week it seems.

Didn’t need to write on this one though it was there on the pavement for me!


When I uploaded it I discovered that I had only caught part of what it said on the road which was ‘look right’ but I just got ‘ok right’ which I loved more that the whole phrase!


As I went about my day it dawned on me that work days are so different to home days. I know that’s pretty obvious but I was thinking on a different level than just the stuff of the day, just doing different things. I began thinking about the interactions I have in a work day compared with a day at home.

I have conversations off and on all day with a variety of people. We talk about nonsense, like the latest announcement of the Strictly Come Dancing celebs or how many times you’d have to walk up and down the corridor to get to 10,00 steps. (My colleague just got an i-watch so is calculating her steps….) We laugh and we grumble and we share stories. And even though I would rather be at home it is a wonderful thing that every day I get to share in stories.


Also today Gav took Ollie (my sisters pooch) and Ruby (my nephews pooch) out for a walk with Bud. They got drenched apparently. He did take photos (he’s learning!) but hasn’t downloaded them yet.




Like I say not as many photos but I have plenty of words written down. Onward to Wednesday.


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