Week in the Life™ 2015 – Monday words and photos


I am sure that I’m not the only one excited to be starting this project again. I have done this twice before and I love both those albums. It’s been a while since I joined in so I am happy to get going. I don’t work Mondays so took full advantage of being here at home yesterday.


I’ve enjoyed reading Ali’s posts about the project this past week as we all geared ourselves up for the photos and words fest of the next few days. She mentioned in her post yesterday that this project often acts as a catalyst for change for her. I think that is true in some way for me too and as I sat down to edit the pictures from yesterday I was awash with words.


In the past I have been reluctant to do this project every year because I feel that our life is boring. I love it but we repeat the same old thing every day. Yet today I just kept writing and writing and loved that opportunity. The opportunity to see our life in a new way was refreshing and such a gift.

I was drawn to the concept of putting the words directly onto the pictures like Ali did last year so some have words and some are just plain for now.




Here is a typical example of how I can act on things I document this week. My reluctance to do housework! Yet once I start I’m fine. Learning little things about myself with each click of the shutter.



Here we have home-grown beans and potatoes making an easy salad. It is amazing being able to document food that we have produced right here.



Time for a walk and time for a weeding session on that drive….



And yep I did go out to capture the sunset wearing the dressing gown.


Great first day to the week.


Week in the Life™ is a project devised by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.