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We are growing a new sunflower this year. Helianthus ‘helios flame.’ I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to sunflowers and didn’t fancy growing this bi-coloured variety but Gav wanted to try it so we did.

So far I must say I like it. It has produced blooms quite early for this garden which is good and it’s not too tall and the flowers are bright and cheery.

The first bloom began to unfurl on 4 July and I took a photo, the one above, using the macro lens. When I was looking at that picture I found that I’d already taken a picture of the same bud a few days earlier and I thought why not capture this bloom as it develops and then wains.

So here is the sunflower watch 2015.




We had quite a warm day when it was unfurling because it went from the picture above to the one below in 24 hours! Pop and there it is.


Lives up to its name.


Here it is at a distance. Shining out all on its own.



It is starting to wilt a little now as if it has had enough of this showing off. You can also see other buds are getting ready to flower too so that’s good.


As the petals fade the centre seems to get bigger. We had lots of rain and I think that speeded up its demise but it did give a good week of floriferous wonder.



This last photo was taken 3 August which I think is amazing. For almost a month I have had pleasure from this one little bloom.


I’ve told Gav he did well picking this variety to grow and they will be added to my list for next year a lovely addition to my sunflower growing obsession.

3 thoughts on “Sunflower watch”

  • Nice reportage! I felt sad seeing him dying but glad you have more coming. I’ve grown some more from last year’s packet and two are in bloom (though one is tiny!) You could complete your sunflower’s story by saving the seeds and showing me what to do :o) [Bats eyelids.]

  • A lovely picture history story. I have absolutely no sunflowers this year, not even the ones planted by chipmunks. Not sure what has happened to them – it has been a funny growing year on this side of the pond.

  • Oh that’s a shame they are lovely flowers and stop teasing with mentions of chipmunks, the very word makes me want to go hunting out Chip and Dale on you tube…….. ; )

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