It is funny the twists and turns of this life. I have just re-read this post from January.

The answer to my soul searching and pondering of how to do this meditation thing arrived by way of my dearest husband. He said that he wanted to give it a try too so we set time aside and just did it.

How simple was that. It was the combined effort of doing something together that made it work. Alone I’d have found an excuse not to bother but with the commitment to spend ten minutes in the evenings sitting meditating the habit has begun to form.

The actual meditating is still difficult and my mind wanders all over but I know this is a slow process one to work at, to listen to the wanderings just to get a feel of where it wanders then bring it back. Over and over.

This is a commitment a worthy one I feel. I have kept reading a little bit of the book but try to keep it simple while it’s all so new. Breathing and focussing and drawing back the wandering mind and breathing again. And again. And again.