The click tick list – have another US road trip


There is something romantic about the idea of a road trip. Carefree, go where you please, no ties. Well that’s the idea I guess and the pull of this kind of getaway. Our road trips don’t have such abandon worked in because we are planners! But they are still fun and I know how much Gav loves to drive in the US so seeing him happy makes me happy. Win, win.


The first leg of the trip was from LA to Flagstaff which was 460 miles and took us about 6 hours. This leg of our road trip began by driving through the valley of all those towns near LA and then up, up, up on the Interstate 15 to dry hot deserty land.

It was strange but the moment we entered Arizona it was more green?! I expected it to be the other way round.

The next leg was Flagstaff to Kayenta (near Monument Valley.) We made a stop at the Grand Canyon on this leg so that added quite a bit of time onto this journey but even though it was a really long day it was worth it to see the canyon again. The closer we got to Kayenta the redder the ground and surrounding hills turned. Wonderful scenery all around us.


I think it was on the leg from Kayenta to Las Vegas that I discovered the screen cleaning spots at all the gas stations. I was rather pleased with myself for helping out….


It was also on this journey that I snapped the most photos. 370 miles and it was a delightful trip. We passed Glen Canyon dam and Lake Powell and some great clouds set off by the landscape.



We found the wonderful Einstein Bagel Company in St George and descended from the Colorado plateau (that’s what they call it even though we were not in Colorado) and into Nevada headed for Las Vegas.


My photos don’t do the scenery justice. We had driven down the winding road, pictured above for about 20 minutes and I turned back to look where we had come from and all I could see were the huge red rock mountains and sky. Truly amazing.


Las Vegas to Fresno was next at 390 miles also back on the Interstate 15 where we spotted all these windmills.

It was a much shorter journey from Fresno to Palo Alto and pretty scenery past San Luis reservoir and an eventful stop for gas.


In the middle of nowhere was a cluster of shops all bearing the name ‘Casa de…. ‘ There was Casa de Wine, Casa de Sweets, Casa de Fruit. You get the picture. It was quaint and quirky and the place where I both sang along to the piped music on the forecourt while cleaning the windscreen and bought the most expensive bag of cherries ever. They cost me $15….. There was quite a bag full and they were delicious but $15!


We drove from San Francisco Airport (where we’d parked the car while we stayed in the city) to Cambria along Highway 1. Probably the second most talked about road trip route in the US. Route 66 being the first. And it was yet another jaw dropping journey. So different from the dry rocky bright red of Arizona.


I can so recommend a big old driving trip around this amazing country. And here goes another one crossed off my list.