The click tick list – see Monument Valley


The last time we went to see the Grand Canyon, it was in 2012, we were supposed to swing by Monument Valley too. Time got the better of us and we did not get there but I still wanted to see this dramatic landscape so we added it onto the itinerary of our recent trip.

I’m glad finally got there but the idea of just swinging by like it’s half an hour down the road from Flagstaff, where we were staying, is laughable.


It was quite a drive and this place is literally in the middle of nowhere. We wanted to stay at the View, a new hotel right on Navajo land and in amongst the buttes and mesa’s, but it was fully booked so we picked the next best and stayed at a Holiday Inn in the little town of Kayenta.

The weather was murky which was such a shame. None of the dramatic clear sun drenched photos for me, no. Just a little underexposed and gloomy.


But I am very glad we went.


The landscape all around this area is amazing not just the stretch that is oh so famous, it really was a treat just driving up and down the US163.

Although at one point when we’d turned the car around and were heading back towards the hotel we spotted what looked like the dust trail from a distant car. But as we drove the dust trail came towards us, we slowed down and cringed slightly as wind and stones and dust rolled over us.


It added to the wild experience and now I can cross it off the list!