Photo a Day – week ten


A couple of days left from our hols then back to routine….

This isn’t a great photo and it does look like there is a whole host of dead stuff on the beach but they are alive alive o’. Elephant seals! Amazing. This colony is supposed to be 7,500 strong on the coast near San Simeon. It was a truly wondeful half hour stood watching these amazing creatures.


Waiting at LAX for our flight.


Someone was all tuckered out after his stay at auntie B’s.


I didn’t totally miss these beauties. Queen of Night, Ballerina and Little Minuet.


Seedlings. These are radish, rocket and mizuna.


We brought him a little gift.


A pretty wall adorned with Ivy and Hawthorn


And there we go.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week ten”

  • Glad you are both home safe & sound. Bud looks quite handsome in his red bow tie. Did you fly over the Atlantic or the Pacific – I was looking at a map & trying to figure out which the quickest route would have been. Long either way

  • He is a handsome fella but I’m biased! The Atlantic. From the UK they fly up the country and go closer to Greenland hence shorter trip over the Atlantic but still 10 hours though which is long enough for me.

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