And more adventures stateside

I intend to do a couple of bigger blog posts (as well as the final week of photo a day while we were in California) to document things being crossed off my list like visit Monument Valley and go on another US road trip and see the big crater in Arizona, but for now here are a few other gems from this amazing trip.

Seeing the Sonics at the Filmore.

I admit that I hadn’t heard of either (I know!) but it was worth the trip to see the historic venue and listen to the band. (My phone camera didn’t hold up well however, this was the best it could do!)


And on the other end of the cultural spectrum, the following evening we went to the ballet! We saw Romeo and Juliet at the Opera House in San Fran and it was pretty amazing.


We panned for gold at the Oakland Museum of California.


And we rode bikes…… Yes that’s me, on a bike!


Oh! Cable cars we love you so.


One thought on “And more adventures stateside”

  • Glad to see you wearing your bike helmet! (lol). Looks as though the weather & events were all in perfect offerings for your trip. I chuckled at the big bouquet of balloons in such vibrant colours at the Opera House – it’s like they were trying hard to blend in with the globe lights.

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