Photo a Day – week eight


Fun is here…

Monument Valley landscape with moody clouds. Love how the sky picks up the red of the earth.


At Glen Canyon dam.


A restored neon sign on the strip in downtown Las Vegas. This originally adorned the Silver Slipper casino.


Well not sure it’s fabulous but it is a sight to behold.


Love the Coldstone Creamery.


We also love lunch. That toasted sandwich was amazing. Artichoke, courgette, spinach and pesto. Mmm..


And me again. This time at A T and T baseball park to watch the SF Giants. We found these two and had to get a photo to add to my collection.


And there was week two of this epic trip.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – week eight”

  • Look at you sporting a new “do” & all. Lots of fun it seems is being had by all. 😉

  • Oh yes my hairdresser thought it would be good for my holidays! I’m getting used to it but don’t know if I love it. And yes so much fun.

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