Adventures in American breakfasts

From my first authentic bagel and a schmeer in New York I have been in love with breakfast here in the US. Actually I am in love with breakfast anywhere but they do it on a grand scale over this side of the pond.

Gav is an eggs and home fries kinda guy, me pancakes almost all the way. I thought it would be fun to share what exuberant calories we have been partaking of as our start to the day.



The Pasadena hotel had this amazing invention…..


One push of the button and a pancake popped out. Awesome!

Ooo look a variation. French toast.



And then this wonderful machine.


Which made perfect waffles!


These pancakes were a step too far for me. I saw them on the menu and couldn’t resist. Milk chocolate pancakes…… You’ll be shocked to hear I didn’t manage to eat all of these and Gav didn’t finish his blueberry ones either. Vegas got the best of us.


Maybe tomorrow we’ll just have cereal?