Photo a Day – week seven


Some holiday fun this week but first one of the garden early in the morning.


Los Angeles sunset from the plane window.


Our second viewing of this baby, the Shuttle, Endeavour. Last time it was on the back of a 747 flying past us when we visited in 2012.


The cutest funicular railway in downtown LA. Pity it hasn’t run for a few years.


One of many amazing views at The Huntington. It is one of the gardens in the book that’s on my list so it counts towards my 100.


We have waited almost two years to try these again. Yep, it was worth the wait.


Something else to cross off my list. This is the meteor crater in Arizona.


Well including the flight over here we have racked up a few thousand miles this week and have had a great time so far.

Sending hugs and love to all back home and big hellos to anyone reading today.