The click, tick list – plant a living fence


I’m making some progress on crossing things off this year. Hooray. Next up was to plant a ‘living’ fence.

We ordered Salix viminalis rods from here. Ours were 2.5m tall and we got 100. That was a rough estimate based on my idea for the pattern and the length of the finished of the fence but I think we’ll end up with quite a few left over.

They advise that you plant through horticultural membrane to help with the weeding so we prepared the area and laid it out. Then we measured out the spacing, cut slots into the membrane and used a poker to make the holes. We have three rods closely planted together.


We got so far and then I tied in the first couple of crossovers using soft string. This should eventually rot away and the structure still be strong after a bit of growing time.


This is something that needs a little bravery, for us anyway because it’s a statement and we have chosen to use this fence as a divide between one part of the garden and another but I know we’ll be wondering why it took us so long to do it by the end of the summer.

4 thoughts on “The click, tick list – plant a living fence”

  • Like your living fence – very interested to watch its progress. Weaving the 3 together cool idea- I think I have seen this type of fence before. Is this also known as a wattle fence? Oh yes & from yesterday’s tea post – I am a confirmed Tea Granny (Tetly’s orange pekoe) please – tea cures all that ails you (My Grandmother’s daily quote). I just got herbal strawberry rhubarb parfait for an afternoon treat.

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