A photo wall


I love collections of photographs displayed on a wall. I have a few images pinned over here.

We used to have a more traditional wall of photos in the dining room before switched rooms and decorated. That was over three years ago now and I still hadn’t put the pictures back up.

I shall call my lethargy on this project lucky though because in the time it has taken me to motivate myself a new home decor item has appeared. Little shelves for displaying pictures etc. Gav was going to make me some but we found these at Ikea all ready to pop on the wall. Hoorah.

So that’s what we did.

I added photos to new frames and arranged them on the shelves adding a couple of canvas’s and our prized Manhattan movie poster. This wall is all about NYC, if you hadn’t already guessed.

I wasn’t sure about this wall at first. I fussed with the photos for a while then just left them. You have to be brave sometimes and just go with it.


And after living with it for a week or so I love it.