Best game ever!


Three little words – give me that – send him into a crazy puppy frenzy of naughtiness. Anything he thinks you want is instantly his most favourite and he won’t give it up without a fight.


See me? I got your string.


Still got it.


This was actually the second day of the string fun and I came prepared with my camera this time. The only difference today was that the green luminous stuff had previously been attached to Gav’s woodworking project but it snapped so instead of leaving us a criss crossed trail of string to re-wind he was running free with it.


Or stopping for extra tease value only to launch himself off down the garden the moment you got too close.


Oh! The fun he had.


Mine. All mine.


Unless of course you entice him in for a treat, then it’s like what string?




2 thoughts on “Best game ever!”

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy – Bud has this in spades. Great photos. Happy Easter. The snow is fast melting & I can see my daffodils & tulips poking through – happy happy joy joy for Me.

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