Month: April 2015

Post box quest continues…..

Its been a while since I found a new post box, here is my original post about this odd little quest of mine. I remembered seeing photos of the so called anonymous post boxes on some of the web sites I read when I originally looked into all the different styles but hadn’t spotted one until the recent trip to Filey with my neice.


It’s anonymous because there is no Royal cypher or the words ‘post office’ on the front of the box. These were made in 1879 and it took 13 years before this design was changed again.

Love adding new boxes to the collection.

Photo a Day – week six


Here goes another week.



Our first lunch outside this year.


Frantic potting on of plants in the greenhouse.


Snapped my first bee with the macro lens.


Such a lovely week, someone was really enjoying the warmer weather.


I missed the pretty red and pink sky but caught the moon.


After all I said about missing the tulips I managed to cut a few stems this week.


And there we go.


Holiday planning – a mini album


Taking a little book, a place to jot down a thought, has been a holiday tradition for a few years now. I prepared the 2015 version the other day using an old Amy Tangerine mini album as the base.


I’ve been saving this one and finally decided this was the trip for it. The only issue was that there were not quite as many pages as I think I’ll need so I decided to add some more.

I picked out a few neutrals from my stash and cut them to the size I wanted.


Here is the book as it was when I bought it open on the middle page. You can’t quite see in this photo but the binding is stitched. I used that as the idea of how to add in more pages.


Here are my new ones ready to be sewn in.


Using a darning needle I punched holes through my new pages and then sewing back and forth, cover to middle, I stitched them into the album.

You can see my brown stitches and the original lighter coloured ones below.


I used this little album as an excuse to gather lots of older stickers and embelishments and I went crazy adding things onto the pages.


Including the cover. Stamps, rub ons and stickers.


I love that stamp of the girl and boy and used it thoughout the book, you can just spot it below on that little page over on the left.


And again.


Here rub-ons and more stamps. That frame stamp in another fav.


That speech bubble is from a Studio Calico set and again on the left the girl and boy stamp.


I decided to add a die cut to the cover which helped make that plane stand out and it gives me spot to add other details about the trip like the dates and destinations. I think the cut out is from Amy Tangerine.


There we go, all ready for adventures.

Bloom 2015 – wallflowers and an update


We have had a lovely week here in Leeds which has helped all out little seedlings put on some growth. It also meant that the wallflowers from last year that I just couldn’t bear to pull up are flowering their socks off.


It’s a simple vase full but all home grown and the scent as you waft past is beautiful.

Like I said the seedlings are doing okay and I have pricked out sunflowers, calendula, scabiosa, stocks, antirrhinums and ammi. We are working hard to get things potted on and ready for when we go away. I know totally the wrong time of year for gardeners to leave the garden! But that’s the way it goes. I’m also going to miss the tulips I planted in the autumn. Boo!

Let’s just celebrate the things we can enjoy right now.




Letting my new haircut grow on me (pun intended!)

Hoping my recent trip to the dentist works out for the best. I really really dislike the dentist and I decided to be brave and have a filling before our up-coming holiday.

Loving the delights a walk down the garden brought tonight. A bat, a  Song Thrush singing its heart out, an amazing crescent moon and a stripy pink sunset.

Planning and sorting out final details for holiday stuff.

Watching the World Championship Snooker on tv.

Meditating almost every night. Hope to do a post about our meditating journey so far soon.

Making a wedding card for my nephews big day.

Buying too many little toiletries bags. I read this and was sold on the idea.

Looking forward to using my new Kipling bag.

Holiday planning – what to wear?


I have pondered holiday outfits for many a year. I usually make list and tweak and then mess it up and end up with a real mis-match of clothes and colour schemes. In an attempt to not do that this year, as we’re going for three weeks, and to satisfy my yearning to jump on the capsule/minimal/travel light bandwagon that seems to lurk on Pinterest these days I have done my own holiday clothes planning.

There are a few flaws in my plan that I should, in the interests of full disclosure, point out…… a) it’s not minimal, b) it’s not travelling light and c) it’s not capsule. Ha!

I wanted to travel light because there is something romantic about packing 5 items in your hand luggage and flying to exotic destinations. But in truth I don’t need to pack light for our up coming trip. We are taking two cases and are checking them both, so really I can pack more or less what I want. But I still wanted to plan so I have items that work together and who doesn’t love a good trying on clothes session? I just added the photos to keep a record and then decided why not blog it too.

But before I share I need to add a few more warnings about the quality of my pictures. Not really the quality of the actual photo but the quality of me in them…… I really should have had a beautiful coiffure, I really need fake tan on those alabaster legs and I really need to learn how to stand still. So apologies for all that.

Lets do it.


We are going to both cool and hot climes so I have quite a few layers in the form of cardigans a couple of long sleeve t’s and a lightweight jacket.


Most of my wardrobe is denim/navy and white with a touch of black, orange and bright pink.


All in all there are –

  • six bottoms – four skirts and two trousers
  • two dresses
  • seven t’s
  • two shirts
  • four cardigans
  • one jacket
  • five pairs of shoes

And here are a few pieces I didn’t model.


And a few scarf’s along with my favourite heels.


There we have the basis of my holiday wardrobe. It was so much fun trying on and snapping a timer shot as I tried on and I may not be model material but I like seeing all the outfits in one spot, it helped me focus and pin down what works.

Photo a Day – week five


What’s been going on……

A shopping trip with coffee.


Pizza in the making.


Seaside icecream.


Breaking all the photo a day rules here and including two for the same day. But they tell a story of how quirky our dog is. Here he is on a weekday in the morning …


And in the afternoon….


Gav assures me he does not deviate from this routine. Crazy right!

Having my hair done.


Went to the cinema with my older niece and snapped a photo of the upcoming Minions movie cutout. Cute.




And there we go.

The click, tick list – plant a living fence


I’m making some progress on crossing things off this year. Hooray. Next up was to plant a ‘living’ fence.

We ordered Salix viminalis rods from here. Ours were 2.5m tall and we got 100. That was a rough estimate based on my idea for the pattern and the length of the finished of the fence but I think we’ll end up with quite a few left over.

They advise that you plant through horticultural membrane to help with the weeding so we prepared the area and laid it out. Then we measured out the spacing, cut slots into the membrane and used a poker to make the holes. We have three rods closely planted together.


We got so far and then I tied in the first couple of crossovers using soft string. This should eventually rot away and the structure still be strong after a bit of growing time.


This is something that needs a little bravery, for us anyway because it’s a statement and we have chosen to use this fence as a divide between one part of the garden and another but I know we’ll be wondering why it took us so long to do it by the end of the summer.

Anyone for herb tea?


If you’d have told me a month ago that I was going to replace a cup off coffee a day with a cup of herb tea I would have laughed so hard I might have got an injury. I don’t like regular tea (I know I’m British I should drink it!) and only very occasionally try herb tea, usually a blackcurrant one if I’m coming down with a cold. Or a delicious iced tea like we had in Florida.

But against the odds I am drinking a cup a day. Isn’t it funny how things happen?

This all came about because a colleague at work offered me a Licorice and Peppermint tea. I wrinkled my nose then said yes and was delighted to find I love it. This is brand I have treid.

I know I should drink less coffee so decided to change my afternoon caffeine hit for a cup of herby tea instead and so far so good.


Part of the success of this little venture is that this particular tea is different, for me anyway, than any other I’ve tried. It has a depth of flavour that lingers.

Go on give it a whirl I recommend it.

Photo a Day – week four


Here are some more.

My take on this salad. Very good.


This beautiful butterfly flew into the garden and I was lucky enough to have my camera handy. It’s a small tortoiseshell common apparently in the UK. Taken with the 100m lens but not on macro I cheated and blew this one up a bit.


Can you eat cake for breakfast? I think so maybe just once a year….


The baseball season is underway and we celebrated in our usual fashion.


Seedlings are popping up all over.


We are in the middle of planting a living fence (its on the list!) and I love how it sets off the Euphorbia.


And finally a selfie at work. I was checking out the camera on my new phone.


There we have it.