Photo a Day – week one


This is my third year sharing a photo a day. Just a few notes for this year. I am letting Gav in on the action of documenting our days, I know I am so generous….. I am also going to include selfies and timer photos this year. And I intend to have a few ‘themed’ weeks. For example a week of breakfasts or a week of the weather, you get the picture. Ha!

And before we get onto the photos a reminder to myself of why I do this project. It’s to document first and improve my photo skills second. I know that some shots will be blurred or not well framed or even dare I say it, boring but it will be a freeze frame of our lives right now and that’s the important thing.

Okay, lets get started.

Me and Bud on the Pennine Way with Pen-y-gent in the backgound.


Buddy and Gav. One building, one destroying.


A trip to Ikea.


And it begins.


Such a frosty morning but oh so sunny.


A messy patch yet including beauty. Pulmonaria and Euphorbia and a self sown foxglove gearing up to do their thing.


A study in leads. We have so many of these things they are the life blood of all our technology.


And there we go week one.