Click tick list – See the Severn Bore


Oh little list of big, small and mega things to see and do it has been a long time since I crossed anything off.

Well today I can cross something off. Gav, Buddy and I travelled south on Saturday to go and watch a tidal bore on the river Severn. It was set to be a five star bore, the highest there can be, because of the recent spring equinox. After a little pondering we decided to get up early and head to the village of Minsterworth. The church in this village was said to put on teas and breakfasts and join in the fun so we hoped we’d picked the right spot.

Turns out we had.


Although of course no bacon roll for us. We had hot cross bun’s instead. I got chatting to the lady behind the tea stand explaining that we’d come from Leeds and seeing the bore was on a list of things I wanted to do. Just before we headed away from the church to grab a spot by the river she called me back and gave us a framed photo of river and church as a memento of our trip. How lovely was that!

Where the church grounds met the river bank there was quite a gathering of people so we wandered a little further south and picked a place to stand.


Now here’s the thing, and it’s going to sound like a cop out, you can’t really capture the magnitude of this on film. We were advised, in a handy leaflet given to us at the church gate, to select a point on the opposite bank and watch how the water rises after the wave passes. Apparently everyone just watches the wave and leaves but to see the effect that this volume of water has on the river bank you have to stay a while and watch.

Eventually, just ten minutes late, we spotted the first edge of the tidal wave. All the spectators had been watching four micro light planes heading our way, they must have been following the tide because there all of a sudden it was. Way in the distance at the left of the picture you can just make out a wave creeping up the bank.


And it rolled past us in a rather stately gentleman like fashion. Creating a few sprays of water up the bank as it went by.


It is always a pretty amazing this to watch nature do its thing.

A couple of life boats came past, just making sure no one had been swept in.


As instructed we waited. Twenty minutes later I took this picture. Same tree as above.


Just in case you can’t spot the difference I’ve blown them up for a comparison.


Imagine the amount of water to raise the level of the river that much!


Watching the Severn Bore was definately worth the trip and will definately be getting crossed of the list.