A few years back I took a great class from Ali Edwards over at Big Picture Classes called 31 Things. It was a prompt a day and encouraged you to write about specifics as they were right then. One of the prompts was a time. So at 4.15pm you stopped and recorded everything going on in that moment.

I loved this prompt and have thought often about recreating the idea here on the blog. This morning I was aware of my mind running along as I woke up so I paid attention to where it took me and then taking Ali’s original idea and morphing it into more of a stream-of-consciousness or inner monologue piece.

As I wrote it out below I deliberately left out most punctuation and did my best to capture the thoughts as they ran through my head. It is not ‘pure’ stream-of-consciousness but my take on it. Just thought is might be interesting to record and it’s a good way to get words on paper if they refuse to come.


7.32 the heating is clicking on creaking the pipes and making the radiators play early morning tunes to me Buddy flaps his ears I can hear Gav’s sleeping breathing I have my arms out of the bedcovers hands behind my head my arms are cold the window is open am I cold just because of that or is it really cold out there I need to buy dog food I can call on my way to pick up Mum the bank too a car drives by other noises cars will the film be finished in time to get the dog food later don’t want to take it to the cinema and back will I get out into the greenhouse today hope it is sunny might have time before H comes for me must only have one scoop of ice cream tucking my arms back in bed if I turn over will I nod off again how many t-shirts am I taking away we’ll have to do a wash red/blue spotty white blue black five is that enough might take other blue skirt instead of denim both where will we fnd a laundry


Like I say I think that this is a really interesting excercise and a great way to capture a few moments in time. Being aware of my inner voice will also be helpful on the meditation front which I will do one of these days. Perhaps this is the first step?

Have a good Friday and I’ll be back here tomorrow with the last photos from this years photo a day!